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Mc Fill up

Gas Pump lane at fast food restaurants
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Have a restaurant employee fill up your car while you order and wait for your food.

This allows you to get your lunch and fill up with only one stop, one purchase. And don't forget for only $3 more the Mc Car Wash where you can eat your food while having your car washed.

Zimmy, Jun 04 2003

for TomBoom, found it. http://www.halfbake.../Oil-change_20lunch
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Sheetz has a computer so you can order your food as you fill up, so when you pay for gas you pay for your food as well. However you still have to get out of your car to get your food and pay!! I like it!
envy, Jun 04 2003

       Given that most strips seem to have McD's, gas stations and car washes all in very quick succession, I don't think you'll see that much of a time saving.   

       (I would also suggest that if you're regularly eating at fast food restaurants, you might want to think about ways to get more exercise, not less!)
DrCurry, Jun 04 2003

       With my luck I'll get stuck behind the guy in the huge SUV. -
Worldgineer, Jun 04 2003

       I should probably stop drinking heavily, smoking, and worring so much also, but if I did that I wouldn't have anyone to sue when I do have a heart attack.
Zimmy, Jun 04 2003

       You can sue the guy in the SUV. Worrying about if you're ever going to get out of the gas'd-food drive-up line probably caused that heart attack, and the fumes from his tailpipe certainly didn't help.
Worldgineer, Jun 04 2003

       we did that one Tom and you might be surprised at the 3rd service provided. I would link but the idea name escapes me.
po, Jun 04 2003

       It's already baked here in california.... There's Texaco/Burger King, a Chevron/Del Taco, a Shell/Blimpie's...etc. Not a new idea. The only thing new about it is the single purchase for all of it.....
justadesigner, Jun 04 2003

       Beer and breakfast cereal also already exist. What's your point?
snarfyguy, Jun 04 2003

       Oh wow.....i thought you guys forgot!!!!! It was such a stinker that i hid out for a while hoping you would all forget! But of course that's what happens when you try to come up with a witty idea while nursing a hangover!
justadesigner, Jun 04 2003

       I would consider combo gas / food (especially if you don't have to get out of the car at all) sufficiently unbaked to belong here.
snarfyguy, Jun 04 2003

       Combine this idea with the concept of biodiesel and you can fill up on the grease used to cook your fries. Now that's efficiency.
Worldgineer, Jun 04 2003

       ... self-serve with a speaker at the pumps so you can give your order while you're pumping gas; go inside to pay and get your food at the cashier (or have it delivered to your car if you're using the "instant pay" pump-mounted swipe-card thingy.
FlyingToaster, Feb 20 2009


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