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Simple! Why not put the pump information and numeric keypad on the nozzle!
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Design a nozzle to accomodate an lcd screen and keypad & run the electrical system from you're standard issue pump, down the hose, to this new nozzle, beef up the computer system a little and alakazam you got fuel control at your fingertips!

Along with the useful information found on the screen i.e Fuel price, amount entered, litres/gallons pumped etc... it could display advertising for goods within the store (which updates periodically), daily jokes, famous quotes and all sorts.

And no more turning around all the time to see how long the damn pumps going to take!

And if someone sells this idea to a major gas company (who happen to have lots of money) , i want royalties!

paladin, May 22 2004


       Electrical equipment in the region around the fuel nozzle? Your alakazaam might become an alakaboom.
bristolz, May 22 2004


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