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Mean Streets

Frown on plentiful criminal behavoir in the neighborhood.
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Suppose you are running again for public office and there is a combat zone in your district. Your campaign is funded in part by the brothels and clip joints in the zone, so you can not shut the area down. But for appearances sake you need to do something.

THE SOMETHING: Why not paint frowning faces all over the combat zone? That way you can pretend you are warning all visitors how truly evil the place is (and your patrons will think of it as "good advertising paid for from government funds". ) Hire those kids that were doing graffiti in the nicer neighborhood, to put a frown face icon wherever it is needed. Now you have an unemployment plan, too.

Turn that smile upside down. It's gonna be a Great Year.

(almost forgot: Put the frown in the street lit area so they can be seen at night. )

popbottle, Sep 28 2014


       What about the median streets?
not_morrison_rm, Sep 28 2014

       Aren't most streets black?
AusCan531, Sep 29 2014

       WE can put happy faces all over the remainder of the city. Wall-mart will provide the paint as long as it is blue paint. You can put some in front of Jesse's and Al's place. : )
popbottle, Sep 29 2014

       Technically, there aren't any streets here..and the tarmac can be a bit grey-ish.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 29 2014


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