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Branches of Light
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On the way home tonight I was taken back by the ugliness of your standard tall steel lights on Motorways and roads. Lamptree’s in essence will be a way of carving nature back onto public highways and roads helping both with pollution and looks. Lamp posts would be replaced by trees that have lighting systems within them, branching out over the roads in the same way lighting systems work today.
Dmedia, Dec 23 2006

Roxy Paine's tree http://www.pbase.co...rube/image/23121682
most excellent piece of work [xenzag, Dec 24 2006]

Street Light Tree http://img72.images...57/lighttreeul8.jpg
[Ronx, Dec 25 2006]


       Is just a side effect of trees 21Q. All that carbon thingamabooby they do. It's pretty nifty though.
methinksnot, Dec 23 2006

       make the trees from steel.
po, Dec 23 2006

       //make the trees from steel// baked - see Roxy Paine's stainless steel tree linky
xenzag, Dec 24 2006

       It's all about the cost with you people isn't it? Bah, problem with the world today, too much costing, not enough designing. [+]
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 30 2006

       cool. but what if a bird were to eat a lamp...then it would light up at night! that would be awsome!!!
bobathie, May 15 2007


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