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Meat flavoured ice-lollies

Savoury version of Ice-lollies
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For those that enjoyed fruit-flavoured ice-lollies as a child, why not try these new meat-flavoured lollies. Comes in four flavours :-

Chicken, Beef, Pork and Offal.

These lollies can be made at home. All you have to do is make meat stock using either chicken bones, beef bones, pork bones or offal and freeze for several hours.

Not a fan of ice-lollies? Then make meat-flavoured icecubes instead and add to your favourite soft-drink on a hot summers day.

ccaamgw, Jul 11 2000


       Tasty cow/sheep etc. with ice . . . I get it . . .
eehen, Jul 12 2000

       Been there, done that, sort of....when I have some stock left over after cooking a roast or some thing, I pour it into ice-cube bags (you know-the ones on a roll) and freeze them. Then when I need stock to make soup I just throw a handfull of cube into the pan and hey presto! instant stock!....Never thought of sucking then though, maybe I'll give it a try although when I dropped one once my cat spent AGEs pushing it round the floor with her tongue...(God, it sounds like a Top Tip from 'Womans own')
Haemavore, Sep 20 2000

       I swear to God I once knew a man named Offal. He couldn't read or write and looked like an old prospector. The only problem with this idea if implemented would be battling the flies.
thumbwax, Sep 20 2000

       I almost tossed my tostadas all over my keyboard! Fishbones to you!
Sparki, Aug 14 2001

       What about this similar idea: poke sticks into sausages and freeze them. Then (very important, because it's all about marketing) call them sausisticles! Having them is only an excuse to say the word "sausisticles"! It would be a party-poop article, everybody will talk about! To amp up the gross factor and to make it linguistically more interesting, you could make them from pig testicles. Just think of the catchy advertising! "Piglet gave his testicles for these irresistible sausisticles!" ... maybe it could tap into the international market and come out with a very PC-incorrect, but maybe nostalgic to Germans, Swasisticle ...
bruur, Jul 08 2002


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