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Popsicle Cuff

Available for Fudgsicles as well
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A popsicle is a refreshing treat on a hot Summer's day, but if it isn't consumed quickly enough, it starts to dribble down the stick and its consumption becomes a sticky affair. Why not put the popsicle packaging to good use?

Most popsicles are individually wrapped in paper. To make a popsicle cuff, first glue the paper around the stick near the base of the popsicle, so that the wooden stick protrudes through the paper, but also so that the interface between the paper and the stick is impermeable to sugary water. Then, manufacture the distal end of the packaging so that it can be unrolled, allowing the consumer to form a caldera-shaped paper cuff to protect his wrist, just as a sword's cross-guard protects the wrist of its wielder. This way, all of the popsicle drippings are collected in the cuff and there is no sticky mess to worry about!

Cuit_au_Four, Nov 26 2014


       //Cornettos are also well engineered   

       Covered in foil, then used pointy end up, they would also serve as ad hoc lighting conductors, that's one obvious feature the engineers have overlooked.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 26 2014

       I think this is brilliant. +
blissmiss, Nov 26 2014

FlyingToaster, Nov 26 2014



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