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MediBacon tm

An easy way for seniors to remember to take their meds
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Seniors take an awful lot of prescription meds to stay healthy - or at least to slow their slide toward the grave. It's hard to remember to take each and every pill each morning, even for young folk. The solution is simple: MediBacon tm.

Everyone enjoys a hearty rasher of bacon in the morning. And who could forget to fry up a pan of the tasty meat? Why not engineer a tasty bacon with prescription meds built in? Besides traditional bacon, vegetarian and low-fat versions could be developed. Imagine the delicious taste of bacon combined with Zocor tm, Premarin tm or even Prozac tm!

Jadu, Nov 10 2000


       Weird idea, but good, I guess. Although I think the drugs could also be enveloped in other foods for people who just don't like the taste of bacon. Maybe in eggs, or cheese or something, too? You could start a whole line of food with drugs already in them!
Lizzie9208, Nov 28 2000

       There's already food with drugs in them: Coffee with caffeine. Orange juice with vitamin C. Fish with vitamin E. Rasher of bacon? It should have cloresterol fighting drugs in it, at minimum.
Hawaii Boy, Feb 01 2001

       mmmmmmm Fortified Fried Pork
thumbwax, Apr 17 2001

       Then there is Vitamin D fortified milk, flouride in the water, Vitamin fortified sugar cereal etc. How about meat with an Anti E-Coli Serum in it? That might be more practical.
C Monkey, Feb 05 2002

       I'd opt for meat with no E Coli myself.
bristolz, Feb 05 2002

       cooked meat = meat with no e. Coli   

       Lots drugs are heat sensitive...that's why you'll see on most prescription bottles the admonition to "store in a cool, dry place". Cooking would most likely destroy the properties of the drug, and possibly turn it into something lethal. Also, absorption rates and blood serum levels for certain drugs differ if a pill is crushed or broken. When putting in food you'd have iffy absorption rates and irregular dosing. Sorry, but I don't see this as bakeable.
dana_renay, Feb 05 2002

       So the drugs may become more lethal than the bacon itself. I shudder to think.
C Monkey, Feb 07 2002

       Arrgh! When will the "put drugs in everything" stupidity stop? Drugs are dangerous and should not be put in anything that could be mistaken for non-drugs (e.g. everyday food).
lardus, Feb 19 2003

       How about bacon with LSD?
JesseOQ, Aug 02 2003

       I said I wanted my eggs runny! And...make my plate stop melting.
Overpanic, Aug 03 2003

       It seems like a rather good idea, but just be carful if there's extra left over! If they put it in the fridge and someone eats it, the results could be... interesting. Wheeeee!
getslostalot21, Nov 12 2003


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