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Mouth Mister

"I've got a fog in my throat"
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Alas...I've been suffering from one of the bugs that goes around at this time of year. I'll not bore you with a list of symptoms, save one.

Often at night I am unable to breath through my nose. I wind up having to breath through my mouth, which results in poor sleep, and a painfully dry mouth and throat.

The Mouth Mister is a small plastic hose attached to a pump and resovoir on one end, with the other end consisting of a valve small enough to be comfortable in your mouth overnight.

The valve has technology similar to that of a scuba regulator, but more easily triggered.

When you inhale the valve opens and allows the pump to deliver a small amount of fine mist into your mouth. When you exhale the valve closes.

This would keep the mouth and throat from drying out so much, aiding in better sleep and a faster recovery.

normzone, Dec 02 2005

CPAP w/integrated mister/humidifier http://www.cpapman.com/npb.html
Stop snoring and moisten your upper airway. Scroll down a bit to see the GoodKnight 420 Integrated Humidifier for CPAP. Hmm, 420? Wonder what else it delivers ;-) [bristolz, Dec 02 2005]

o.k. this might help! http://www.apsara.c...oyoga/fvt/4_avp.htm
not sure I agree with all the alternate medical benefits that alternate breathing claims... [po, Dec 02 2005]

(??) now would I lie to you? http://users.wpi.ed...rchives/000508.html
there is a ton of interesting research on nasal cycles [po, Dec 03 2005]

Nasal_cycle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasal_cycle
Update to [po]'s no longer working link [csea, Jan 11 2013]

Nasarel http://www.drugs.com/pro/nasarel.html
Very helpful for clogged nostrils, by prescription only [csea, Jan 11 2013]


       "But it looks like that bird has flown." <-- Watch out for birds wearing backpacks or leaving parcels unattended.
not_only_but_also, Dec 02 2005

       If you had fancy bridge work, your mouth could look like San Francisco bay with the fog rolling in +
xenzag, Dec 02 2005

       Theoretically this would stop you snoring, too.
DrCurry, Dec 02 2005

       CPAP option?
bristolz, Dec 02 2005

       I was trying to avoid the full headdress option of the CPAP setup...and I didn't want it to fill my mouth the way my scuba regulator does.   

       Don't get me wrong, I love my scuba gear, but I don't sleep in it. I was hoping to keep the hose diameter to a quarter-inch, and have the valve trigger by the airflow in and out of your mouth.   

       Air pressure differential might not be enough to trigger it - it may require something like little windmill vanes :-)
normzone, Dec 02 2005

       trivia moment - only one nostril is at work at any one time.
po, Dec 02 2005

po, Dec 02 2005

       [xenxag], that would make a cool illustration...
normzone, Dec 02 2005

       [po] I'm not buying that one. If I rest my fingertips on my nostrils while breathing normally I can feel the equal draw on both nostrils simultaneously. Unless you have a different definition of "work" than I do.
bristolz, Dec 02 2005

       its a fact bris! perhaps you happened on the cusp!   

       and of course you can *force* air though the resting nostril.   

       changes every two hours, I read somewhere...   

       try it again, one is more laboured than the other - try again after a few hours...
po, Dec 02 2005

       "Watch your mouth, mister!" (sorry - it's Friday)
Shz, Dec 02 2005

       Maybe I'm just cuspy as I have tried it again with the same results.
bristolz, Dec 02 2005

       keep trying...   

       me - right nostril at present!
po, Dec 02 2005

       I suspect it's just YOU with the alternate nostril thing.
bristolz, Dec 02 2005

       Perhaps [po] has one slightly-blocked nostril, and the other is compensating, in the manner of a non-limited-slip differential.
angel, Dec 02 2005

       So, if she eases on her parking brake she can get power back to the other nostril?
bristolz, Dec 02 2005

       Great idea, i have sympathy for you, i got the same problem right now.
MikeOxbig, Dec 03 2005

       You need a way to tickle your feet while you're asleep, [normzone]. I find it's hard for a sleeper to protest with an open mouth.
reensure, Dec 03 2005

       Well, [reensure], you design it and post it, and I'll take a look at it. Not sure I'm going to want to buy one, though.
normzone, Dec 03 2005

       The idea also has the added bonus of allowing all the spiders that drink from your open mouth while you are asleep to still have a place to go.
gnomethang, Dec 03 2005



       linky, btw
po, Dec 03 2005

       I tried the mirror/condensation test and... I get identical condensate results from both nostrils. I'm ambidextrous. Maybe that makes a difference?
bristolz, Dec 03 2005

       I just embarked on a dental adventure - I'm getting two implants and a bridge to span a three tooth gap in front that occurred when a ten year old bridge failed.   

       Okay, who cares about that? I do, because the temporary bridge ("flipper") that they made feels like having a Kennedy half dollar in my mouth - my patience wears out rapidly.   

       Obviously the mouth mister would need to be minaturized as much as possible - my initial quarter inch estimate for the line just got downsized.
normzone, Mar 14 2012

       How will you prevent buildup of water in the mouth when the user is in unfavorable positions and the resulting choking and coughing?
Voice, Jan 10 2013

       Re. nasal cycles - some people (me) are hard to convince. What is needed is a pair of whistles, each of a size suitable for nasular instertion, but tuned to different notes.   

       I might then be able to hear my breathing shift between C and G every two hours (or whatever it is), which would convince me.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 10 2013

       [Voice], I don't intend any more moisture than the usual saliva would induce, so the swallowing and drooling should suffice.   

       [Max], I'm with you on that one.
normzone, Jan 10 2013

       I hate being the dumb one in the room so bear with me as I ask simple questions. How is it that this problem cant be solved with a Room Humidifier? After all, your basically trying to humidify your mouth. Why not just humidify your whole room?
Brian the Painter, Jan 11 2013

       Interesting about alternate nostril breathing! I use a CPAP and also rely on Nasarel [link] to clear my nose.

See [link] for update on [po]'s missing link.
My sister is a PhD "Spitologist" and toxicologist. I'll see what she has to say.
csea, Jan 11 2013

       Wow, [csea], that link amazes me - [Brian the Painter], running a humidifier does not do enough, although depending on the season I run one or a vaporizer.
normzone, Jan 11 2013

       She says: Yes: we have an investigator here who uses sonography to evaluate nasal congestion in dogs as a model of allergic rhinitis, and he has movies that show this. You can check it out in yourself by breathing normally onto a mirror or other surface and see how big the condensation rings from each side are.
csea, Jan 11 2013

       normzone - the nasal cycle link is a good read. I have huge nose and have never suffered dryness or congestion (unbearably). So excuse my ignorance about the humidifier/vaporizer!
Brian the Painter, Jan 12 2013


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