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Media Comprehension Test Questions

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The SATs and similar tests generally include "reading comprehension" questions, where you read a passage and then answer questions to see how well you understood what you read. Given how much of our information diet is being presented to us through non-literary media, I would think that we ought to start testing for "media comprehension" - how well one understands what one hears through the spoken word or what one sees in video, graphics, charts, etc.

Ideally, such tests would focus not just on comprehension but also on "media literacy" - the ability to distinguish truth from fiction, and know when one is being bamboozled...

smendler, Nov 12 2012


       // the ability to distinguish truth from fiction, and know when one is being bamboozled... //   

       Are you talking about Joe Six-pack here? Has it occured to you that the whole point of systematic education and the existing mass media is to allow those in charge to reliably fool most of the people, most of the time?   

       Have you any idea of how dangerous it would be if proles actually started thinking, and drawing meaningful conclusions based on rational analysis of objective facts ?   

       Have you been sitting by that Black Monolith again? Don't say you weren't warned …   

       (Would you like to join the Illuminati, by the way? )
8th of 7, Nov 12 2012

       Years ago during a break from border patrol we stopped at a base for resupply and a soldier was reading the paper. I asked to glance at the headlines, she handed me the newspaper.   

       I understood most of the story except one term in Hebrew which I was not familiar with.   

       The story was about a "licensed prisoner" on his way home, who at the Jerusalem central bus station, flashed his prisoner ID card with his picture and the police insignia on it, at Arab citizens, told them to lean on the wall with the palms of their hands, did a "search" on them, took money from their wallets, beat some of them and then released them.   

       Somebody on the street realized what was happening and called the real police who arrested the prisoner.   

       I asked the soldier if she knew what a "licensed prisoner" was (turns out its a prisoner on licensed leave - meaning someone who was released early, as long as he behaves ok).   

       From the way she answered I got the feeling that she didn't understand the story altogether. I asked her what she made of the story.   

       She said: At the Jerusalem central bus station, some Arabs beat up a Jewish prisoner who just got his license, but the police came quickly and saved him.
pashute, Nov 13 2012


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