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Mega Phone Pants

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Noticed the man who stands on the pier announcing what ferry has arrived gets tired of holding his megaphone and when you speak to him you need to speak up

So these pants would have a megaphone stitched or fastened into the crotch just below where your legs meet your torso

Now all the user will need to hold if the mic, the mic would clip on the pocket or belt when not in use and the coil cord would connect through your front pocket.

there is another benefit, the user would no longer be generating giant noise near his or her own head and probably the vibrations could get to feel pretty good down there.

somehow the thought of announcing some public information from my groin seems like it would have some greater impact.

vfrackis, Aug 28 2009


       Beware the brown note.
DrWorm, Aug 28 2009

       <oblig.>Is that a horn in your pants..?/<o>
egbert, Aug 28 2009

       lampshade for your penis... [+]
FlyingToaster, Aug 28 2009


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