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pocket valve

feature for pockets to keep coins in them when you recline
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Similar to a lobster trap, this is a fabric funnel sewn into the pants front pockets, about a quarter the depth of the pocket.the end inside the pocket is kept closed by to springy pieces of plastic (imagine a stiff springy Ziplock). This allows you to stick you hands in your pockets and remove stuff. However when you sit or recline, stuff in your pocket falls in the space between the "funnel" and the top of your pocket, and not in the chair or sofa.
senatorjam, May 10 2003


       <obligatory>Is there something stiff and springy in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?</obligatory>
Don Quixote, May 11 2003

       I keep wondering why [senatorjam] doesn't just put rubber bands or women's scrunchies around his pocket linings before he gets into his pants. I'm assuming since he is a "senator" he is so accustomed to people putting their hands in his pocket for all sorts of reasons he chooses not to embarass them by making their hands difficult to withdraw.
jurist, May 11 2003

       when you find yourself short of a few bob, a quick search of the sofa can be very rewarding.
po, May 11 2003

       Sp: Liplock
thumbwax, May 11 2003

       How about a sofa funnel that feeds into a piggybank?
pluterday, May 11 2003

       what good would that be? What if you got your hand stuck down there?
benlevi7, May 11 2003

       Pockets have been made with butons, zips and Velcro since those things were respectively invented. You're just wearing the wrong pants.
DrCurry, May 11 2003

       yeah [DC], but you have to make an effort to OPEN and CLOSE them. [jurist] that elastic band seems like a good Idea
senatorjam, May 11 2003

       This should be done with fabric alone and without a zip, button or sprung trap. The difficulty is the position of the pocket and the shape it forms when you sit.   

       A thin elasticated strip that holds a down-slanted piece of fabric over the back third of the pocket would do nicely without hindering your reaching in.
FloridaManatee, May 12 2003

       //...or another dimension?//   

       Are you talking about the 12 spacial dimension (the SOCK dimension)?
FloridaManatee, May 12 2003

       //pants// or trousers even...
silverstormer, May 12 2003

MikeOliver, May 12 2003


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