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Lingerie advertising made easy
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For those of you that live in the UK, Im sure you've seen the new(ish) advertising campaign for the new Renault Megane. Well for the sake of others, I'll explain. The new Megane, is a pretty ugly looking hatchback, due to the fact that it has a huge protruding rear. Renault realised this only after they had launched their unseuccessful new range. So they cunningly came up with commercials that clearly aknowledged the 'ugly factor' in their new design. The Clips featured the car zooming around a hectic town with the 'I see you baby - shaking that ass' song playing in the background. And flashed in clips of some fine womens asses too. So natuarally, after this campaign, the car was known to be the one with the huge ass, and its proven to be pretty damn successful now, its grown on to people...they're pretty much everywhere, and whenever you see one its pretty much jokes. Now....My idea invloves taking the already hugely publicised product, and tweeking it to satisfy another market (and myself)...legal, I think. Well here it is: you get the car and dress it up in lingerie, sponsored by a huge lingerie company. Can easily be done by having a thong painted on the ass. This will gain huge exposure (cause I will be driving it everywhere), word of mouth will play a huge part (have you seen the car with a huge ass wearing a thong?), and surely it will get media attention (as many bizzarly painted automobiles get)....And thats it...simple and efective. I actually plan on doing this in the near future, and that should be real jokes...As I'm a 21yr old guy! But I guess it will be fun, spinning around central London, with the 'let me see that thoooooong' Sisqo tune blarring!
shinobi, Mar 27 2004

redundant, sorry http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Car_20Thong
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       some feekback please...and do rate it honestly.
shinobi, Mar 28 2004


       It's the stupidest idea I've ever heard.
lemon tetra, Mar 29 2004

       chillax UniBubba.....jeez, i just wanted to find out why I got all the damn fishbones. later skater!
shinobi, Mar 29 2004

       *starts furiously rubbing off the painted thong on his Z3 hatchback*   

       nothing to see here...move along.
eyeguy, Mar 29 2004

       Didn't we do this already? Expanding the "car bra," to include "car panties" wasn't it? Something of the sort. So--done. Fishbone.
Eugene, Mar 29 2004

       sk8er h8ter shirley?. Now *that's* loathing.
gnomethang, Mar 29 2004

       Hmm...I'm gonna go with my gut on this one.   

       In America, we'd call them Badonkadonks. Well done.
K-trein, Mar 29 2004


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