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proxy adverts

Dumb association advertisements
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Rather than grabbing celebrities, use various common names and make amusing statements about them.

"Mountain Dew asks you to remember this when you leave your house tomorrow: Chris is wearing womens' underwear. We repeat: Your friend Chris is wearing women's underwear. Ask him and he'll show you. Thew Dew Crew thought you'd like to know."

"Mountain Dew would like to ask you a favor: Call up Tom. You know Tom? Think hard - we know you do. Tom's dating a super model. Ask him. He's got photos. The Dew Crew thought you'd like to know."

On and on. All tongue-in-cheek, all a little racy.

Inexpensive to produce, easy to make a new one nightly for a month. People will pay attention because they want to know if they're next, and they want to be in on the ribbing that happens when somebody from the school or workplace is mentioned.

snowfox, Dec 12 2000


       What's with this wave of advertising ideas? As if we need more of them!
Size_Mick, Apr 10 2004

       Excellent! Cheap, fun and entertaining. If we're going to be bombarded with ads, the ones that seem more interactive and entertaining are obviously going to do better than the latest Ronco device!
Asinine, Mar 21 2006

       Fishbone. Not very funny for the people whose names are mentioned. In fact, quite cruel.
gisho, Mar 21 2006

       I know I'll suffer for this in the afterlife, but a croissant to you, snowfox, for an idea that seems too real to be funny.
land, Mar 23 2006

       Advertising. So 20th century. Apparently you haven't installed filters against it yet? The word proxy led me to this idea, because my favourite anti-advertising software Privoxy uses a 'proxy' to filter unwanted content.
rrr, Mar 27 2006


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