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Membership Authenticator Card

For proof of membership of groups without cards.
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There are a great many groups to which people belong which do not issue membership cards. Proving to new aquaintances that you are in fact a member of one of these groups can prove difficult.

Enter the Membership Authenticator Card. Run by an independent but trusted group, these cards have your name, a photo (if desired), a shiny hologram showing the card to be genuine and (most importantly) the name of the group, or groups, to which you belong.

When you apply for a card, the Authority makes stringent checks to see that you are actually a member of the group. They will, for many cases, go directly to the group and ask if you are a member. Your photo will also be checked during this stage. Once your membership has been authenticated, the card is printed and you can show it to people as you wish.

dbmag9, Sep 29 2007


       What sort of groups are you talking about? "Senators (not) Looking For A Good Time In Airport Bathrooms"?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 30 2007

       I was thinking more along the lines of Mensa (although they do give cards, just crap ones) and possibly certain jobs.   

       If you really need a card to prove that you're not a senator looking for things that other people might find objectionable, I'd suggest the Membership Authenticator Card Company's more spurious cousin, the Antisocial Activity Alibi Association.
dbmag9, Oct 02 2007


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