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Paypal Secured Credit Card

Paypal secured credit card pay for it with paypal money!!!!!
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Hello, I am a seller on e-bay. I don't have perfect credit, but at the same time need a credit card for the identity thing with paypal to basically get a lower rate on payments I receive. I would like to buy a secured credit card and pay for it with paypal money. Plus to sell on e-bay, it would be easier to have a credit card online, luckily I was grandfathered in a old e-bay clause. Alot of things want a credit card # even if you do not use it to pay for stuff. I don't see why when Paypal set up their deal with providian they did not offer this. I even have another idea for people on the net, Billpay.com (((make believe))) where you could register all your monthly bills Pay them with Paypal, for a small monthly fee, and have them pay your bills by check or credit card. I hate paying bills, and am not perfectly organized, so this would be perfect for me, and saving the late fees would be worth it. I have been looking everywhere for a credit card set up like this, If you know of any let me know!!!! mwriddle@naxs.net
wendyr, Apr 12 2002


phoenix, Apr 12 2002

       There are several bill-payment services online. I don't know a damn thing about how Paypal works, I must admit - but I have heard that other online firms are muscling in on their territory (Yahoo! PayDirect).
waugsqueke, Apr 12 2002

       What's the point of involving paypal, rather than getting a normal secured credit card?
jutta, Apr 12 2002

       (This solution will clearly not help you but...) you need to move to the UK, where cash withdrawal "debit" cards are accepted with the same status as credit cards in most situations. And you can register all your household bills with your bank and they will be paid in full from your account on the due date: "direct debit". You pay no extra for this, in fact it makes things easier for the electricity (etc) companies so they often give you a small discount. Another solution would be an online credit card. I have one from egg.com, nearly got one at smile.co.uk but decided on one of their savings accounts instead, and anyway all our major banks offer personal online access to your details, so you can set up direct debits and do almost everything else you would do with your money apart from get it out in cash and put it in by a cheque ('check' to you).
sappho, Apr 12 2002

       Paypal infalibility, jutta?....
mcscotland, Apr 12 2002

       This is now baked. You can upgrade your account to a business one (free) and sign up for a credit card (also free).
rgovostes, Jun 22 2004

       Just FYI: The PayPal card isn't secured, it's a regular credit card… also, using the regular _debit_ card does nothing to improve your credit, as it seems the asker is looking for this.
thinkingman, May 08 2010


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