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Memory Retrieval Device

Something that can dig those ideas out of the storage closet of the brain when you need them
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Many times, such as now, I find that I've lost all of those wonderful ideas I had earlier in a day, week, month, lifetime. Somewhere these are hidden in my brain, having been passed over fleetingly at the time of their conception as no more than random wonderings. If only I had some way of retrieving these thoughts I could make a much more exciting contribution to things such as this website. Maybe something that records all your thoughts for review at your convenience, or a drug that would stimulate the correct memory cells for the type of information you're looking for. Of course this would require a somewhat more extensive knowledge of the brain than we have now, specifically it would be helpful to know which cells do what and how to stimulate them correctly. I suupose this would be bad if anyone wanted to get information out of you, but that wouldnt matter if you didnt get into those sorts of situations anyway, now would it? Anyway, I guess I've had an account here for a while and thought I should at least explain why I've never made a contribution, mainly because I'm lazy but also because I have no memory. Oh, and it's my brother's birthday today. That has nothing to do with anything. (If this idea has already been posted, sorry. I haven't exactly read everything on this site)
willis, Sep 03 2001

Tech has been envisioned https://en.wikipedi...nal_Cut_(2004_film)
Everything has a double edge. [wjt, Sep 08 2021]


       Great idea! - probably just needs a bit more detail. Anyway, welcome to the Halfbakery!
hippo, Sep 03 2021

       People used to tie a knot in a piece of string when they wanted to remember something. This is a fine idea, though personally I find that later, whenever I want to remember something once more, I'm instead presented with the problem of recalling where the hell I left that piece of bloody string.
zen_tom, Sep 08 2021

       [zen] You should download the “FindMyString” app on your phone
hippo, Sep 08 2021

       This was posted in 2001. It got it’s first anno in 2021. And a welcome from [hippo]   

       [willis], if you’re still out there waiting, after 20 years, welcome! And yay, good idea!
Frankx, Sep 08 2021

       [FrankX] indeed - I like to think he’s been regularly checking this page for the last 20 years, seeking a reaction to this before he posts his second idea, and will be pleasantly surprised the next time he takes a look.
hippo, Sep 09 2021

       + yay an idea that has had time to ripen. I need this, too. Waves to [willis]!
xandram, Sep 09 2021


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