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minesweeper rug

at the very least, a conversation piece
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how many times have you played minesweeper in your spare time? doesn't it make you feel so good inside when you win, and even make you smile when you lose? well, if so, you may just need a rug to suit. simply have a rug about 1.8 by 2.7 meters, plus the frill, and have a 12 by 18 game of minesweeper you can play with your feet! this rug is bound to bring hours of nerdy pleasure into your life, while showing to your friends exactly how little you care about meeting a woman. comes in easy, medium, expert and custom, electric shock mine option included at no cost. gentlemen, we have the technology!
neo_, Mar 21 2010


       Well, this would require at the very least an OLED dual-mode touchscreen display and a DC conductive surface, so why not just bump it up to a full Active Matrix and set it up with a bunch of games? If you gave the hardware that drives the display and the game program (I'm thinking Gumstix for that, btw) some wifi capabilities and released a free SDK you could have user-generated games to back up your licensed ones, and the ability to browse and download them with your feet! As for the bundled games, Twister seems an Obvious Choice (also, Sexy Twister, which like regular Twister but with Sex Dice instead of a spinner), and of course you'll need Pong, maybe a cue-less billiards sim... A Warhammer-style tabletop wargame would be pretty neat too, not an RTS but a real turn-based movement/tactical game. Oooh, and if you built a barcode scanner into it you could roll in a CCG that defines which units your side will have! Plus, the hyperobsessive geek/gamer type will buy a CCG like that really easily, so you can cover your ovehead before you even start to worry about the casual market. Shit, this is actually a pretty good idea!
victory, Mar 21 2010

       [+] awesome.
FlyingToaster, Mar 21 2010

       //showing your friends exactly how little you care about meeting a woman.//   

       haha [+]
DrWorm, Mar 22 2010

       Yay! i got one right, apparently. and no one has commented on my punctuation/ spelling/ non-capitalization. hey everybody, let's NOT tell [UnaBabba] about this one, or he'll call me a cunt and vote minus 20.   

       P.S. i misspelled his name intentionally so that if and when the paranoid bastard runs a search for his name, he won't discover this.
neo_, Mar 22 2010

       He's gone.
blissmiss, Mar 22 2010

       what do you mean gone?
neo_, Mar 22 2010

       or here under a neo name ;)
po, Mar 22 2010

       that is so sad :/   

       he was kind of like an alcoholic drunk asshole uncle figure to me
neo_, Apr 14 2010

       //alcoholic drunk asshole uncle figure//
Voice, Apr 15 2010

       re: victory: Or, you could have a bunch of cards with numbers and pictures of bombs on one side of them, and have a friend set up a game (with the cards face-down) while you're in another room. Of course, your friend has to place all the number cards in the correct locations relative to the bombs, which would be tedious, but since you're already the sort of person who wants to play minesweeper on their living room floor, you may have friends geeky/obsessive-compulsive enough to do this for you. [+]
5th Earth, Apr 23 2010

       fair enough, but if i'm already the kind of person who would have friends tactful enough to do that, then chances are i would appreciate an easily-interfaced and technical approach tenfold to the card approach. plus, a techie approach would appeal to a larger audience than something that would require two people ^and^ brainpower. this is america, after all. and by the way, [victory] i was thinking of running a linux-based OS if it was going to have integrated WiFi capabilities and so on, perhaps packing in an Atom processor, or maybe a Snapdragon. Hell, while we're at it, why not throw in like 50 gigabytes flash memory and a rechargable nicad battery? may as well make the damn thing heated too, while we're at it. and i've heard quite a bit about printed displays that are in the late stages of development- they can be printed right on textiles! so now that we have a product, what should we call it? ideas?
neo_, May 02 2010


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