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Memory stick nest

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I never have a memory stick when I need one.

Clearly, that is an outrageous exaggeration, but nevertheless I seldom have one at hand. I have a couple of sticks which I use often, but they get left in random places and it always takes me a few minutes to find them. I can't leave them plugged into my laptop, because they'd stick out and snap off; also, I may not want them plugged in all the time.


Why not make a little nest for sleeping memory sticks? I know space is precious on a laptop, but I'd like a little recess (it could be on the underside) with a "dummy" USB socket, where I can park a memory stick safely when it's not in use, and when I don't want it actually plugged in. The recess would just have to be big enough to accommodate most normal sticks.

Blimey. So many words, so little idea.

MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 28 2010


MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 28 2010

       It's not such a bad idea. A bit sensible for me, but anyway, I have an 8Gb memory stick on my key-ring, that is the size of and shape of a key. La Cie make them. You might like to get one of these.
xenzag, Mar 01 2010

       Got one. But somehow it always manage to be in some region of spacetime which is not the same as my laptop. If you have a laptop, almost the only time you use a stick is to transfer data to or from it. So, if the laptop is involved in the process, it makes sense to park the stick on the laptop.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2010

       I like the idea of a little storage space in the laptop, no matter what it is for. Spare key, mints, extra bullets . . .   

       I suggest making the "dummy" socket a working one. A recessed socket would keep the stick in use from getting knocked off. Plus, I find it handy to have a stick in my computer at all times, both to back up files, and to bounce stuff in and out without risking accidental deletion while drag-and-drop copying. And some OSs like having an extra drive for expansion.
baconbrain, Mar 01 2010

       Maybe the laptop should come with a pen drive semi-permanently attached to it, that can be removed by flipping a little plastic tab much like the one that holds the battery in. When in place, it would plug into a special USB socket shaped to match it; when removed from the laptop it could be plugged into a USB port on any other PC.   

       This is eminently bakeable.
Wrongfellow, Mar 01 2010

       Taking a page from the old CD changers of yore, why not have a rotary device which remembers which USB memory sticks are in which position, and "plugs them in" (physically or electrically) as needed?   

       New sticks would be detected and logged as necessary.
csea, Mar 01 2010


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