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Mouse Brain HD

Mice brains are the next big (and small) thing in storage
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I think someone already thought about wiring neurons to create a faster processor, but what about possible storage uses? As far as anyone can tell, brains hold a limitless amount of storage and memory can be recalled almost instantly. A company could wire mice brains, put them in a cube, and have internal or USB enabled external hard drives that are small and efficient. It would give new meaning to the term "computer mouse". I only have one concern (so far); how to keep the cells alive. Any suggestions?
worldscollide, Dec 20 2005


       /how to keep the cells alive./ leave them in the mice, and provide them with food, via the mice mouths. Also water,same route. Also mouse sexing! Have them be careful of the wire during the mouse sexing.
bungston, Dec 20 2005

       I agree with bungston as the right method of keeping the cells alive. I'm not keen on animal exploitation - so why not volunteer a piece of your own brain to go in a cube - it could remain connected to you via some rubber tubing, to convey the blood supply, and you could talk to it and it would solve all your problems.
xenzag, Dec 20 2005

       Just the place to install a Mickey Mouse OS like XP.   

       "Sorry, Miss. My cat's eaten my homework"
Dub, Dec 20 2005


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