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Mic Drop Parachute

parachute that saves the mic
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If you want to be certain that your dropped mic has even more drama, then you need to equip it with the Mic Drop Parachute attachment.

As the name suggests, this deploys a small parachute when its sensors detect the valuable mic is making its way to the floor in an uncontrolled descent.

You can of course opt for a dropped mic mat, (link) but the Mic Drop Parachute adds even greater drama as the mic drifts across the stage prior to landing.

deluxe version features a steerable illuminated paraglide chute that can take the mic over the heads of an audience.

xenzag, Mar 14 2023

Mic_20Drop_20Mat [xenzag, Mar 14 2023]

High Diving Hare (jump to 2:30 mark) https://www.bing.co...9D2C0F84A&FORM=VIRE
I know dis defies the law of gravity, but, eh, y'see, I never studied law. [a1, Mar 14 2023]


       There is of course the complete opposite of all of this mic dropping malarkey..... where the presenter let's go of the mic, which then stays in afloat in mid air, while they drop out of sight through a hatch in the floor.
xenzag, Mar 14 2023

       // the mic ... stays in afloat in mid air, while they drop out of sight through a hatch in the floor. //   

       That has a strong Looney Tunes vibe, something Bugs Bunny pulled on Yosemite Sam (link).
a1, Mar 14 2023


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