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Mentor Proxy

to allow people to confine their life problem to a consistant but anonymous online mentor
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This site is essentially a step up from anonymous chatroom where people can discuss their problems, into a proxy system that ensure that a person with life problems can confide themselves to a consistent but anonymous person.

Essentially we have normal people who goes around, and if they noticed a person with life problems(like a stressed worker, lonely housewife, a teen with teen problems) they direct these people to sign up to the mentorship proxy service.

This proxy service will request that they type in their email, and various online contact details such as instant messaging. Once that is done, a random mentor is selected from a pool of manually vetted people (via physical trust network; basically you have to rock up for a quick chat, and show your phone number to ensure you are not making spam accounts. Nor a potential troll.)

These mentors will receive an email directly from the proxy server, where they can now connect to the person in need directly through the proxy. And now the client can just talk to the mentor anonymously, their problems and the mentor will do their best to help. Though the mentor & the client is not encouraged to diverge their own personal information.

At anytime, the client is allow to break off communication and switch to another random mentor.

After half a year or more, if the client's life is now steady, and he/she wants to meet the mentor, perhaps to say thanks for helping(via phone or physical visit). All they need to do, is to both assent to exchanging real details.

The proxy system is not allowed to log any chat that passes though it's system. Any chat is strictly confidential.

This site should be made as it provides the middle ground between a fully anonymous help site (who's people cannot truly empathize with each other), to actually confining to a real person (which can be very scary). By having a consistant mentor that is anonymous, but yet is persistent... it means that its like having your own teddy to talk to, who happens to be able to talk back.

Since the client know that the anonymous person has absolutely no power over them (like a teddy), and that its useless pressuring the mentor to step into their lives and help them. They are more likely to actually take the initiative. (Especially since they feel a responsibility not to let their mentor down)


If they discovered this site, instead of being invited in, they are not totally excluded. Sometimes there are mentors who registered themselves as available for instant talking. Kinda like omegle, a stranger chat site. In which case, if you have a minor problem or big, you can always click on instant 'rage button', and it hooks you to the next free instant mentor. The instant mentor can then hear you out, or if they think you really need help... forward you to the needed help, while hooking you up with a real anonymous mentor. (The instant mentor is barred from picking their clients to mentor for real. Since it is meant to be anonymous/)

-------- If people abuse the instant mentor... to annoy the volunteers. Or the instant mentor is busy, they can just ignore any request for a certain duration e.g. /busy 60 mins

mofosyne, Aug 06 2009

The Samaritans http://www.samaritans.org/
Not too dissimilar. [Jinbish, Aug 06 2009]

omegle http://omegle.com/
stranger chat [mofosyne, Aug 06 2009]


       Thanks for the link Jinbish   

       Just to let you know that the service is different by its emphasis on anonymity.
mofosyne, Aug 06 2009


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