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Hasitleaked.com would be a Bittorrent/P2P/sharing community based around early leaks of albums. It would center around a forum where a person would join a general music forum and post if an album has leaked or not. Within the thread would be a list of torrents, or Yousendit/meguploads/etc links where a person can download an early version of the album. The threads will enable people to leave comments, and their feelings on certain albums. The site itself would host nothing, but the forum. Relying on the people to post links to leaked albums. I think (but do not know) that this will steer us away from any legal issues since we aren't doing anything but posting links to torrents and what not. Another forum could be deicated to albums that are requested. New old, anything. Once again it would depend on a strong community. I know a good amount about web design, but I'm not sure if I would handle a forum properly, and I couldn't gather the community myself. I know a bunch of people that would be interested maybe. Not sure. What do you guys think? People could also list their download list from soulseek with user accounts. Rooms about different P2P, and downloading clients. FAQ and all that stuff.
mrtywalsh, Oct 25 2006


       not quite like that at all really. I'm sure something like this is out on the net. mine would be more like the site viva la vinyl, but it would focus on leaked albums of all types. In more of a forum style thing not a blog style thing. It would be a collection of links to torrents posted by anyone.
mrtywalsh, Oct 25 2006

       Baked, and no you can't have the secret website, nice try.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 26 2006


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