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Menu RSS for Cooking Shows

A uniform way of searching menus.
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This is inspired by http://www.halfbakery.com/ idea/BYO_20Recipe_20Restaurant

Food and cooking shows should have relatively uniform naming of dishes. Likewise, restaurants should have relatively uniform publication of their menus online.

Then, when a user wishes to eat something they just saw on TV, they would, somehow, get a list of local restaurants that make that specific dish. This would have to be effected by some kind of bookmarking, or "search from tv show" feature on the TV.

Restaurants would know what people are interested in eating, too.

wildgift, Dec 08 2005

RecipeML - the Recipe Markup Language http://www.formatda...recipeml/index.html
Oh c'mon, you didn't for a moment think that this didn't yet exist. [jutta, Dec 08 2005]


       this is a bit of a Let's All (Let's all adopt a standard for publishing recipes online, without even proposing a standard for the purpose). This could be achieved by using RDF and an appropriate name space.   

       That said, I'd love it if someone standardised everything.   

       P.S. welcome back BTW.
neilp, Dec 08 2005

       This would give rise to restaurants - or parts of restaurants - devoted to cooking exactly what you just saw on TV.   

       I can't quite decide whether I think that's nifty for using technology or sad for introducing television into what is otherwise a local social activity. Yeah, probably sad.
jutta, Dec 08 2005


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