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Mixed Morsels

Bite Size Cake-ettes served in a Japanese stylee
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Cakes. They’re a problem aren’t they? Always so many to choose from and always that terrible decision to make about which ones to eat and which ones to reject. And even after you’ve made the decision you just can’t help feeling that maybe the one with the lemon icing might have been just a teensy bit nicer. And then there’s the terrible regret that comes from devouring a gi-normous Belgian Bun in four seconds flat. Oh, how you wish you still had some of that sticky deliciousness left to eat!

Well, never fear. Mixed Morsels renders cake angst a thing of the past.

Basically, it’s a cross between a traditional English Tea Shoppe and a Japanese Sushi Bar. Individually baked mouthfuls of cake, bun and biscuit are served on transparently covered, colour coded plates which parade themselves shamelessly past your table on a conveyor belt of delight. Feel free to drool and dribble as each delicious morsel sports itself in front of you. Dare you pluck it from the track and tuck in? Or will you allow it to move on and display it’s crumbly, creamy delights before another table of eager cake lovers? The choice is yours at Mixed Morsels.
DrBob, May 06 2003

Good grief, man, have you never heard of petit fours? http://www.montedoc...tos/petit-fours.jpg
What is the education system coming to? [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]


       Lovely. Just lovely.

(The whole conveyer-belt eating experience works very well for sushi and would work equally well for Dr Bob's Cake Shoppe. I am reminded though of a terrible restaurant review I read a while ago for a conveyer-belt French restaurant in London. It sounded ghastly - after one go round the conveyer belt the food was lukewarm and the sauces were congealing. A very, very bad idea)
hippo, May 06 2003

       Good idea! As long as nobody intercepts and eats it, your croissant is on its way... +
silverstormer, May 06 2003

       + but how is this an original idea ?
mahatma, May 06 2003

       Well, mahatma, I've never had this idea before (actually it was my girlfriend but who's quibbling?) and neither, as far as I know, has anyone else.
DrBob, May 06 2003

       Tremendous. Though I am worried that the traditonal Tea Room aesthetic may be somewhat upset by a brushed stainless steel conveyor belt, so I make a small suggestion - have created a varnished teak conveyor belt and make persistent and unstinting use of doilies.
my face your, May 07 2003

       [my_face_your] Or, instead of a converyer belt, how about a model steam train, its goods wagons piled high with cakes?
hippo, May 07 2003

       Oh that is genius, hippo. *Whistle* Phoot phoot!
my face your, May 07 2003

       [Unabubba] Big ol' cakes are baked too! :) but tiny little cakes are not baked this way (with the elegance of this idea - esp. as it comes down the teak or deco-stainless conveyor and esp. not with the uuo doilies).   

       Besides, it's not a mere product it's a restaurant and re: the elegance it is in fact a truly exceptional restaurant experience. A total desert sample-o-rama.
thecat, May 07 2003

       I'd like to make a reservation ... Oh, at least a hundred... uh huh... 'baker, halfbaker... h a l f b a k e r
thumbwax, May 07 2003

       Whilst I like the ambience of hippo's steam train, I fear that the difficulty of keeping it at the right speed and firmly on the tracks would render it impractical.

my face your's modifications are entirely acceptable though.

I have to agree with Windmill:Conveyor Belt relationship as well.

<later> DrCurry, re: petit-fours. They sound French to me. I refuse to acknowledge their existence.
DrBob, May 07 2003

       This idea is not only great because it is great it is also great because DrBob's last anno, specifically the part about the Windmill:Conveyor Belt relationship, makes him look like a grade one loon.
calum, Jan 06 2005

       Whilst acknowledging my slightly loopy tendencies I would say, in my own defence, that that particular comment was in response to a now deleted anno by the bakesperson. It went something like Sport:Windmill = Food:Conveyor Belt.
DrBob, Jul 25 2005

       Count me in on those reservations thumbwax, I'll see you there.
jjbabygurl, Sep 07 2005

       Oh wow. I love it.   

       God damn it man, we could make the steam train work. even if it were steam-electric.   

       Would it be terribly crass to propose some scaled down hullabaloons floating about up near the ceiling -on flywires if necessary :( - with lanterns hanging from them foer the lighting.   

       If you were really clever you'd get the hullabaloons to deliver drinks.
Custardguts, Nov 20 2007


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