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Meridian Mirror Time Convention

Notate the time of the day as the absolute distance from noon. Now ante and post meridian, ie: AM and PM, actually do mean time before or after noon; duration measurement becomes easier..
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Noon is 0 (nought o'clock); one minute before noon is 0:01AM, one minute after: 0:01PM; midnight is always 12:00 (it would be rare that suffication would actually be required in casual conversation or reference, however 12AM is the beginning, 12PM the end, of the day).

Since an erstwhile 9am is now 3am, "working 9 to 5" becomes "working 3 to 5"; likewise the 7-11 (a convenience store chain) has to change its name to the 5-11 or open 2 hours earlier.

Duration measurement is vastly simplified:

Crossing noon is simply t=a+b;
Example: 9AM to 3PM is 9+3=12 hours;

Crossing midnight is almost as simple: t=24-(a+b).
Example: 8PM to 7AM is 24-15=9 hours.

As an added bonus for those stuck in windowless offices, since clocks now change direction every 12 hours, the direction the second-hand is moving says whether it's AM or PM.

FlyingToaster, Mar 10 2016


       Highly likely possibility of mass confusion and certainty of pandemonium.   

       We want one in camo colours for the bush camp. [+]
Sgt Teacup, Mar 10 2016

       I was under the impression that the more recent generations only know how to read digital time, and are helpless in the face of analog measurement.
normzone, Mar 10 2016

       //There’ll be two consecutive 12 O’clocks, one after the other, in a row.//   

       12 o'clock is always midnight: it's a point. Saying AM means it's the start of the day in question, PM the end.   

       //digital time// it works on digital timepieces as well, of course.
FlyingToaster, Mar 11 2016

       Easiest to implement on a clock with a true 24 hour dial. Just paint new numbers.
pocmloc, Mar 11 2016

       I take it the bones are from the Nadirist cult, preferring a 12o'clock noon and noughty midnight ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 12 2016


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