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Mesh Mouse

A mouse with a wire mesh body.
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An ambient wire mesh body would be raised about a half an inch from an inner mouse body, which will allow for air circulation underneath the hand to prevent it from becoming sweaty, without the use of any electrically motorized fans.
BJS, Jun 22 2006

Mouse With Internal Fan http://metku.net/in...ttaflekti/index_eng
[tcarson, Jun 22 2006]

(?) Optical Fan Mouse http://us.st11.yimg...oxide_1899_84196827
[BJS, Jun 22 2006]

Apple mouse Pro http://upload.wikim...Apple_mouse_Pro.jpg
With an acrylic outer body. [BJS, Jun 23 2006]

Black Apple mouse Pro http://upload.wikim...mouse_Pro_black.jpg
[BJS, Jun 23 2006]

http://www.halfbakery.com/ [BJS, Jun 28 2006]

(?) Rib Cage Mouse? http://www.tntluoma...sevirus.437x415.jpg
similar [BJS, Apr 06 2007]

Archive of immediately above link http://web.archive....sevirus.437x415.jpg
[notexactly, Apr 09 2019]

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       Plus, it would look cool.
wagster, Jun 22 2006

BJS, Jun 22 2006

       Am the only person who only grasps his mouse with three fingertips?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 22 2006

       You're not alone [Galbinus], I only ever use my fingertips.
fridge duck, Jun 22 2006

       Your fingertips can get sweaty too.
BJS, Jun 22 2006

       I apparently now only use my thumb and littlest finger to hold and move the mouse. Huh. Maybe that's because it's hot here--a mesh mouse might be better for my hand.   

       I once cut a silicone stress ball in two, and stuck one half on my mouse as a palm rest. It was very comfy, but it looked strange. The plastic body of the mouse dissolved a bit, too.
baconbrain, Jun 22 2006

       I use my thumb, pinky and ring finger, and sort of nudge the mouse around with my first two fingers hovering over the buttons. The fingers are never on the mouse long enough to get sweaty. (And I am a world class sweater, on my third shirt today.)   

       Could be because I started using a mouse when they were much much smaller. (Loved my old MS Dovebar mouse.) Or that I learned keyboards long before mice, so hovering over an input device seems natural.   

       Anyway, Bun for BJS, it would look cool!
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 22 2006

       people have punched holes in the plastic of their mice, and built fans inside of them. lemme see if i can find a link.
tcarson, Jun 22 2006

       Companies actually sell mice now with fans already in them.
BJS, Jun 22 2006

       I want to do this to my wireless mouse now.
ironfroggy, Jun 23 2006

       Don't forget about the buttons...
BJS, Jun 23 2006

       A way to help visualize this is; imagine something like an Apple mouse Pro, but instead of a clear acrylic shell, there would be a mesh around the inner body.
BJS, Jun 23 2006

       Am I the only one who envisioned a live mouse with a mesh body and realized the annos were of a different nature somewhere around [baconbrain]'s anno? Damn.
daseva, Jun 28 2006

       / Your fingertips can get sweaty too /   

       Would you link up whatever website you have been perusing?
bungston, Jun 28 2006

       Only the halfbakery, why?
BJS, Jun 28 2006

       If you make a mesh Trackball Im in. My Palm aways gets sweaty where it rests on the body of the Base.
jhomrighaus, Jun 29 2006

       sure, why not.
BJS, Jun 29 2006


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