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if anyone is going to the shop could you.....
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Basically a nice plasma screen is placed next to the exit of ones workplace. Employees may post messages onto the screen via internal e-mail requesting things from the outside world e.g If anyone is going to the post office could you get me a stamp? (John - Accounts) or if anyone is going to the fag shop could you get me some rizla (Jane - HR) - people usually offer to get stuff for people when they leave work briefly but what happens if you were in the toilet???? This may even reduce the amount of people stopping work to go and get sweets thus improving productivity?
king chay, Jan 08 2002


       Baked in a lower-tech way at my place of work. The snack trolley does the rounds of the building, reaching my area at around 10:15 each morning and 3:00 each afternoon. Each section has a nominated 'trolley-dolly' who takes orders from co-workers.
angel, Jan 08 2002

       You could also send messages to the board using a text message sent from your mobile phone. This might even work from the toilet, if reception was good enough in your building.   

       I probably ought to explain that a fag shop sell cigarettes for all our American readers ...
Aristotle, Jan 08 2002

       ...and they sell fags for all our British readers.
beauxeault, Jan 08 2002

       So its not a place to buy a bundle of sticks?
notme, Dec 07 2002


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