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Linked kindergarden - nursing home

Teleconferencing link between kindergarten and nursing home
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Current issue with nursing homes is the lack of purpose for elders clients.

Current issue with kinder gardens is that workers are overworked, and society doesn't seem to care about investing in education in general.

Why not connect both together?

Have a nursing home next to a kindergarten, it will help with workers workload, and give a sense a purpose for the nursing home elders. In addition, there is research that points to the role of elders in pre-modern society transferring knowledge to younger generations. (Which is incidentally why the stolen generation event in Australia had such a detrimental effect on indigenous culture. )

However changing existing infrastructure is hard to do. For the interim, create a dedicated fibre optic or microwave link between two buildings, where a room size video conferencing system can be done. (But every month or so, you should let the nursing home elders visit kindergarten).

mofosyne, Aug 04 2014

Kindergarden inside Nursing Home http://archive.wire...he-retirement-home/
Somewhat baked, but requires building new buildings. [mofosyne, Aug 04 2014]

The High School approach Geriatric_20High
[RayfordSteele, Aug 04 2014]


       [+] except for the teleconferencing bit. From what I've seen, kindergartners aren't really into having conversations with adults. They want to do things. I think a teleconference might hold their attention for about 15 seconds.   

       I wonder if this might actually work better with grade-schoolers between say 2nd and 5th grade. I assume they are focusing on kindergarten because they can experiment on that without worrying about interfering with the curriculum requirements.
scad mientist, Aug 04 2014

       When did old people become "elders"? Are these old people living in some sort of Lord of the Rings Retirement Home? "Ah, Frodo my son, we must consult the Elders, for their wisdom will..." No! These people are fucking "old". They are, in short, "old people". Old is what they are.   

       As for the idea. Having had a mother at an old people's home, frankly I can't see this working out well. I'm not getting how a toddler will benefit from being asked to explain, at 3 minute intervals, where this place is and what's going on. And, when kids get old enough to get worried, this kindergarten/old-people's home model is just going to scare the shit out of them. Being made to realize, at the age of five, that your final destination involves a high degree of immobility; a complete loss of memory and hearing; and a tendency to regress on the whole toilet training issue is not how you want to embark on life.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 04 2014

       Might be a valuable lesson. Life is short and you end up just like you started, toothless, stupid and sitting in your own excrement.
doctorremulac3, Aug 04 2014

       Possibly a two tier thing then [Max), not all pensioners are like that, some are quite spry.   

       If you just exclude the mad old biddies & those in hospices I could see this working (after a fashion).   

       Would have to agree with [scad] about the teleconferencing though.
Skewed, Aug 05 2014

       //not all pensioners are like that, some are quite spry// - those are often the ones not in nursing homes though.
hippo, Aug 05 2014

       I bunned this, but only on the basis that it's all face to face, that would work best, and be useful for society....most nursing homes see to resemble Dachau and this might correct that...   

       //Life is short and you end up just like you started, toothless, stupid and sitting in your own excrement.   

       Would that be better than sitting in someone else's excrement? Just asking.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 05 2014

       I'd add that to my little Hallmark sentiment.   

       "Life is short and you end up just like you started, toothless, stupid and sitting in your own excrement, but at least it's yours. (as far as you know)"
doctorremulac3, Aug 05 2014

       //those are often the ones not in nursing homes//   

       Well... there is that.   

       But they might be in a retirement home, so maybe a slight adjustment to the idea?
Skewed, Aug 05 2014

       Oldsters with inclination and competence do work in kindergartens / day cares. This crew is also generally able to live independently.   

       The idea of productive work is a good one, though. One assumes that the need for supervised living precludes the ability to be productive. I think a large garden / farm might be better. Less time pressure. More margin for error. Greater variety of tasks to be done.
bungston, Aug 05 2014

       I can't help but bun this for the content, and the well thought out and postive vibe of an idea. + Thanks for making my day.
blissmiss, Aug 06 2014

       + ...and I think it could actually work!
xandram, Aug 06 2014

       The child-care places around here already tend to hire pretty old folks (70+) to do most of the work. They love it, as it gives them a reason to live, & lots of smiles & energy.   

       But, as other commenters said already, any "dedicated facility" for old folks is primarily intended for those with (incurable, degrading) functional deficiencies, which make them unfit for work.   

       So, let's just continue to hire more old folks who are still functional to serve in existing child care facilities.
sophocles, Aug 06 2014

       // nursing home elders visit kindergarten //   

       Some elderly people have had difficult, traumatic or stressful lives. Haven't they suffered enough, without having other people's children inflicted on them ?
8th of 7, Aug 07 2014

       old people hate little kids .   

       unless it's their little kids.....
teslaberry, Aug 07 2014


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