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A search page that searches old searches in addition to the internet.
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This is essentially a new Google page that searches for similar searches, or, if someone wants, every single search down to the time and date (anonymity would be maintained.)

This could help for a number of things: curiosity, statistical research, getting new search word ideas, finding out what the new hippest thing is.

The idea is that most people are completely honest with Google. They plug whatever it is they WANT in the box, and click away. This could be a very powerful tool.

Blumster, May 19 2005

Google Zeitgeist http://www.google.c...ress/zeitgeist.html
[Worldgineer, May 19 2005]

Excite.com's SearchSpy http://msxml.excite...fo.xcite/searchspy/
As mentioned by [andrew1]. [jutta, May 20 2005]

Metasearch: Metaspy http://www.metaspy.....metac.spy/metaspy/
[Detly, May 20 2005]

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       Doesn't Google already effectively do something like this, by its popularity-based hit programming?
RayfordSteele, May 19 2005

       Maybe, but I don't know of any open source available search databases. I feel like they'd be useful in that form.
Blumster, May 19 2005

       excite.com has searchspy where you can see what other people ars searching but im not sure if its real; i watched the un-filtered one for about 10 minutes and "german hardcore videos" came up about four times.
andrew1, May 20 2005


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