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Improved Tape

color changing band shows you where the end is.
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Seems really simple: get rid of all that guesswork when it comes to using sticky tape. How do you do that? Make it easy to find the end. Coat the sticky part of the tape with a chemical that changes color when exposed to oxygen; say clear to red. So, as you pulled and tore away a strip, a red band would remain on the roll to show you where to start from.
eion, Apr 01 2003

HB: Direction Markings for Tape http://www.halfbake...rkings_20for_20Tape
While not the specific subject of this halfbakery idea dating from late 2001, the color changing end is suggested in annotations by a certain loser halfbaker. [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]


       An elegant solution to an age-old problem. +
I suggest only having the colour-change down the centre of the tape, so as not to unduly interfere with its sticking duties.
friendlyfire, Apr 01 2003

       are we thinking rust, here?
po, Apr 01 2003

       Suggested change of category - Product/Office Supplies: Sticky Tape
friendlyfire, Apr 01 2003

       trying to remember / guess the loser halfbaker
po, Apr 01 2003

       Herself, by the look of it. Odd remark, that - bris, you are over-self-deprecating. You definitely fall in the master halfbaker category.   

       So does that make this Half Baked?   

       Btw, if you're not worried about transparency, plenty of plastics change color when deformed. Then you will get a color change wherever you twisted the last bit of tape off (assuming you are one of those who eschews the serrated edge).
DrCurry, Apr 01 2003

       "loser" for the self promoting quality of the link posting.
bristolz, Apr 01 2003

       ...clear sticky tape is often bought for reasons of being clear. If you just want sticky tape that changes color, go for most non-clear sticky tapes out there, that do just that (mostly discoloration from deformation). Clear sticky tape that is clear only if left alone, but not if used... well...
loonquawl, Jan 30 2009


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