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Mp3 Jukebox

Standup Mp3 Jukebox for bars. connects to internet.
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A Jukebox as any other in a bar, but it would have a computer intertface where you could search for mp3's on the internet and purchase each one from a website (maybe AudioGalaxy). Maybe even accepts Paypal
destro, May 21 2002

Audiotron http://www.turtlebe...ron/producthome.asp
Put one of these in a jukebox cabinet. [bristolz, May 27 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

creative nomad jukebox http://www.nomadwor.../products/jukebox3/
A portable MP3 player of 8GB ie several thousand MP3s [CrumbsDM, Oct 05 2002]


       Very nice. Very easy to set up as a kiosk. Probably cheaper than a jukebox, parts-wise but it would need a high-speed Internet connection.   

       An alternative would be to cache the audio locally (hard drives are cheap) and update them overnight via dial-up (or pay-per-minute or pay-per-byte) connections. Listener preferences would be easy to track, so unpopular songs could be dumped and fresh ones pumped in.   

       With an always on connection, you could accept credit card payments. If it's a high-speed connection, you might be able to include video. Hell, yeah. Great idea.
phoenix, May 21 2002

       The only part of this idea that really bothers me is, given the high incidence of internet connection crashes, how often will the patrons of this particular establishment resort to throwing beer bottles when the music dies? Croissant for the idea; but the true value is entirely reliant upon the reliability of the provider and the fidelity of the music.
jurist, May 22 2002

       fidelity? who gives a stuff? this is a bar after all!   

       < whiz, crash, slap, bang, tinkle>
po, May 27 2002

       would I?
po, May 27 2002

       I know a pub where they have a video juke box. Its something like £1 for three videos.
kaz, May 27 2002

       Who exactly watches the videos that are shown? I often hear the pub jukebox but invariably end up distracted from the visuals by beer, banter, fighting, women etc.
brewmaster, May 27 2002

       errr.... Basically it's already been thought of, just hasn't been implemented for a bar, only for portable stereo. Link to Creative Nomad website. I actually have one of these on order. It wouldn't take much to modify the system for a standup console. Just needs the internet capability or alternatively a USB or LAN hookup to an internet-connected computer (request at bar)
CrumbsDM, Oct 05 2002

       You can probably solve the connectivity problem by using some form of satellite. The latency isn't an issue since you can fetch and cache the next song in the queue while the current one is playing. This would prohibit streaming, but that's not a desirable model anyway, given the general potential for connection failure.
cleffedup, Aug 12 2004


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