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Meter Maid

Small-wonder Woman
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Although she stands a mere 39.37 inches in tiny heels, this perfectly proportioned fury is a fast and fearless fighter. Using her size to full advantage, the Diminutive Defender confounds her enemies by seeming twice the distance from them than she is in actuality.
The Military, Jun 16 2001

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       Nemesis: Tall Paul.
Everywhere but the USA and Canada, her height is not an issue. Her major function is to fly round all houses and businesses, reading and noting the numbers on those devices that measure how much gas and electricity has been used. Inaccurate billing is a thing of the past.
lewisgirl, Jun 16 2001

       Maybe this one could ride to the rescue on a deer. I've always wondered why there are more centaurs than deer riding maids. I suppose one must ride properly, but antlers would make a cool grip for dismounting.
reensure, Jun 16 2001

       Peter: Lovely!
Dog Ed, Jun 16 2001

       "And the bag across her shoulder made her look a little like a military man"? I don't think so.
The Military, Jun 17 2001

       There is one drawback. In the US, her power is useless. No one understands the metric system.
Reverend D, Jun 17 2001

       [UnaBubba] What are these..."other categories", Captain?
The Military, Jun 17 2001


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