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Murphy's Lawyers

for when something could've gone wrong, but didn't.
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A band of rogue lawyers dedicated to ensuring the enforcement and integrity of Murphy's Law.

Case no. USJC3144906/pl95-16: Murphy vs. Osama bin Laden.
Plaintiff charges that defendant directed two commercial passenger jets full of fuel into the WTC. Plaintiff further alleges that since the jets actually struck the WTC and not the WWF by mistake, that the endeavor constitutes a blatant and willful violation of Murphy's Law.

beauxeault, May 01 2002

(?) hb idea: Outlaw Murphy's Laws http://www.halfbake...20Murphy_27s_20Laws
spawning ground of the above superheroes/villains [beauxeault, May 01 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Case no. USJC6154403/p44-3: Murphy vs. George W. Bush. Plaintiff charges that defendant took part in a recent United States Presidential election. Plaintiff further alleges that there's no way in hell the defendant should have won and that said success constitutes a blatant and willful violation of Murphy's Law.
phoenix, May 01 2002

       Case no. USJC00000001/pla-b: Murphy vs. modern humans.
Plaintiff charges that defendants bear full responsibility for the demise of the Neanderthals (circa 30000 BC). Plaintiff further alleges that the defendants being weaker and ill-suited to the cold climate didn't have a spark's chance in a blizzard to become the undisputed leading species of the world without mishap and that said success constitutes a blatant and willful violation of Murphy's Law.
FarmerJohn, May 02 2002

       Case no. USJC01021863/p1-50: Murphy vs. conspiracy theorists.
Plaintiff charges that defendants use the Laws of Murphy without copyright release, without due notification to plaintiff, and within the boundry of a deriviative or compliational work. Plaintiff asserts that practice violates copyright protections and further asserts that practice constitutes infringement of plaintiff's right to govern application of its original principles.

       Plaintiff files this motion for summary judgment and prays the court order its relief.
reensure, May 02 2002

       [beauxeault]: Your Mass Media induced political veiws are both narrow and prejudice. The United States Government still hasn't provided any conclusive evidence proving Bin Laden's involvement. The government keeps us in the dark 'for our own good' while the media whips us into a sociopolitical demon hunt giving this country the perfect excuse to wage war and rain attrocities on innocent civilians.   

       All the while we're systematicly destroying all political and economic systems which aren't based on greed. It seems to be the general opinion that anything less than "American Capitalism and Democracy" is ineficient. We forget that western countries make themselves wealthy by raping less industrialized nations. If you want to maintain your materialcentric lifestyle with its abundance of happy crap, stop the government from converting all countries to greed-based democratic capitalism. Remember: if the entire world has the same political structure there will be nowhere to run if the government decides to oppress you. Don't be a sheep...there are plenty of wolves. Sorry for the rant. Mass media lies.
plasticornflake, Feb 10 2003

       [plasticcornflake]: It's reached the point nowadays where nobody can say for sure what exactly is happening in the world; what we're told in the news is obviously doctored half-truths, designed to pander to our more animalistic, deeply rooted instincts; what we're told elsewhere is at best conjecture or extrapolation.   

       Along with the commercialisation of the news networks has arrived the commercialisation (and expurgation) of news - an oxymoron that perpetuates itself by virtue of the fact that it's easier to stomach & accept than the actual truth (which I'm sure you already know, but I thought it worthg pointing out.   

       I would love to be a history student 50 years hence, listening to a history lesson about today.
CheeseFilteredCigarette, Feb 10 2003

       pc: um, thanks for the rather uncharitable stereotyping. It's such a refreshing start to the morning to have someone rant so powerfully against things s/he has assumed about me without a reasonable basis.   

       You cannot conclude from the text of this idea that I'm a mindless pawn of mass media. The statement of the case, as an example of what Murphy's Lawyers might do (*not* necessarily what *I* might do) reveals nothing about what my own personal convictions might be.   

       And then to extrapolate that into accusations of narrow and predjudice (sic) political views, in particular with regard to the social justice issues of economic globalization is reckless in the extreme.   

       As a matter of fact, I happen to share *some* of the very concerns you're throwing in my face.   

       Reading your profile, I'd advise you that, in fact, in my travels around the world, I've found that the vast majority of people are willing to judge individuals individually, rather than making blanket prejudgements based on their nationality. So be careful as you prepare for your travels, because it turns out that most people I've encountered in a multitude of countries and cultures pay far less attention to accent than to actions, and may be more likely to judge you moronic if they witness the kind of behavior you've exhibited here.
beauxeault, Feb 11 2003

       Murphy's law (num-1622323-8 subsection c- paragraph 8.1-8.2) Plasticornflake will be in Paris at the same time as me later this year.Or is that Sods Law?.
sufc, Feb 11 2003

       Murphy's law, corollary 22933846-3(b), modified 2001. Mention the USA in any way shape or form, and someone somewhere will start ranting about prejudice.
egbert, Feb 11 2003


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