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Microwave Advertising

30 second spots while ‘cooking’
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Rather than a grotty, explosion-stained and crud encrusted window, the front panel of this microwave is crisp a LCD television monitor. Using a laser bar code reader, the microwave identifies the pre-prepared meal of choice, then downloads and plays an advertisement for related products for one to enjoy during that interminable 30 seconds it takes to nuke your fish ‘n chips.
nuclear hobo, Mar 18 2007

Microwave TV Microwave_20TV
[nuclear hobo, Mar 18 2007]

Microwave Dinner Bar Codes Microwave_20Dinner_20Bar_20Codes
[nuclear hobo, Mar 18 2007]

LCD microwave LCD-TV_20Microwave
I found this link in the category on the upper right... Not even a search was involved. Come on. [Smurfsahoy, Mar 19 2007]

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       So you enjoy advertisements, do you?
placid_turmoil, Mar 18 2007

       Nope, just looking for the next niche to fill. I don't have a microwave, either.
nuclear hobo, Mar 18 2007

       That would be enough to make me only cook stovetop. I don't mind seeing those gas pump TV screens get graffitied.
normzone, Mar 18 2007

       //gas pump TV screens// Haven't seen those yet, but will surely be voting with my $$ at a different station when I do. The local megagrocery tried them at the checkout but they didn't last too long ...
nuclear hobo, Mar 18 2007

       I'd like this only if the ads had no text, showed goods that could conceivably fit into a microwave (e.g. a pair of sneakers), shot through a microwave window, rotating at 6 rpm, for 10 seconds each, turning into each other with a soft popping sound, starting and concluding with the thing you're actually microwaving at the time.
jutta, Mar 18 2007

       There ain't a snowball's chance that I'd go for this sort of appliance unless there were significant compensation involved.   

       Then again, how would they verify that you watched it?   

       Then again again, we could all use an inexpensive source of LCD panels to hack and tinker with...
half, Mar 18 2007

       Just because the panels are on a microwave doesn't make them cheap. It just makes the microwave more expensive.
Smurfsahoy, Mar 19 2007

       //gas pump TV screens// ??????????
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 19 2007

       "Just because the panels are on a microwave doesn't make them cheap." I didn't mean it would make them cheap, just might make them cheap to acquire. You know, they way the gave away the CueCat and had low prices on internet appliances that were theoretically locked into a service provider and therefore their service contract and practically give away printers to make money on the cartridges and give away the reader version of a software product to influence the purchasing of the writer product. The point was that in order to get them into most any home, they'd likely have to be subsidized/sponsored in some way.   

       It'd have to be somehow beneficial to me to bring more advertising into my house. It'd have to be less expensive than any of the other el cheapo units on the market or offer some massively valuable additional features for me to take notice at full price.
half, Mar 19 2007


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