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Microwave grill rotisserie

Easily cook food in a microwave grill
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My microwave has a turntable that rotates around a vertical axis. It also has a grill element at the top of a microwave that can be used instead of microwave radiation to conventionally cook food.

When using the grill, the microwave turntable rotates in conventional fashion. This is supposed to microwave evenly. However, it does not grill evenly, as only the top of the food is cooked.

My microwave rotisserie will use a combination of gears, cogs and wheels to convert the rotation about a vertical axis into rotation about a horizontal axis. Most microwaves seem to have a standard square block at the bottom for the turntable to attach; the device could clip onto this. This could be used to cook sausages, chicken drumsticks, kebabs and other long thin foods.

I think this is so simple, I can't believe it's not baked.

pottedstu, Oct 30 2001

Sausage Clips http://www.halfbake...dea/Sausage_20Clips
Sort of the inspiration. [pottedstu, Oct 30 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You'd probably also want to put clips on it so the food didn't fall off as it rotated. Either that, or I'm misunderstanding your suggestion.
cp, Oct 30 2001

       UB: I'm thinking of how to grill food, rather than bake, but you're making me feel very hungry.   

       cp: traditional rotisseries normally have nasty-looking spikes to stick into the food and keep it in place.
pottedstu, Oct 30 2001


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