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Midget Boat

Small Boat Big Thrills!
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I am unsure of how well known Jet Sprint boats are around the globe but I know that most NZers are familiar with the small 2seater V8 900hp+ power boats that race around the tight shallow tracks of Meremere and such as a sport. See this site for Jet Sprint NZ......­<< link moved by admin to links area, below >>

Well I was considering an alternative to the fun times of go-kart racing which is basically motor racing on a smaller scale resulting in loads of entertainment and competition for a fraction of the cost of real motorracing. Would it be possible to operate a facility where families/groups of friends or people in general come along and have 30minute race together in minature single seater power boats? I guess I want to know..... Would you beable to get the effect of the real thing where the boat aqua planes lifting the front end up whilst only using a small motorcycle engine say around 60hp? Do you think there are ways of making it safe as I dont think the goverment would allow a profit based company to operate if there were risks of people drowning (and I wouldnt want that to happen anyway!)

Due to the tracks consisting of shallow water I was thinking of a tall rollcage so that if the boat was to roll, it would keep the occupants head above water as long as they are harnessed in correctly. Also stabilizer bars could be added to resist roll over unless of course you got in a savage high side type position throwing the boat up and onto its top.

I realize I would need a big piece of land to run this but thats not to think of right now.

And most importaintly do people think this would be marketable......are there people out there who would try this out, I think it would be more fun than go karting or atleast on par.

Cheers in advance for your comments people.


LanceNZ, Jun 21 2004

NZ Jetsprint Association http://www.jetsprint.co.nz/index.php
{LanceNZ]'s link as a link. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Minimax http://www.glen-l.c...oard/dsn-mini2.html
[oxen crossing, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Water Wings for boats http://www.halfbake.../PFDs_20for_20boats
shameless self-promotion... [csea, Nov 02 2004]


       You can also do it with only 5 hp. [link].
oxen crossing, Jun 21 2004

       I think more than 5hp is needed for it to be a rush but 200hp is a little more than required! Besides a 200hp 1100cc is very highly strung, a modern HYABUSA (sp?) GSXR 1300cc engine produces less than 200hp.   

       I think a CBR/GSXR/FZR or similar 400cc engine would be up to the task, they produce around 60hp+. For a real sweet ride you could go a late model CBR600 or Yamaha R6 engine as they make a good 120hp whilst being rather less weight than an old 1100cc   

       At the end of the day I think it comes down to making it safe.
LanceNZ, Jun 21 2004

       Fine, excellent idea. Sounds somewhat similar to a variation on a jetski - personal sport watercraft, no? On safety concerns I'm picturing a 'roll cage' with airbags that inflate (not explosively) if/when boat goes upside down, forcing the entire boat above water level - greatly reduced risk of drowning if you're out of the water entirely, yeah?   

white, Nov 02 2004

       In Russia (!), they had stadiums for 20 HP light speed boats, operated by sparetime clubs.   

       I found a wreck of such a boat, and it was immensely light, also just to paddle around. I thought of buying a motor, to try it out for real, but it didn't come about.
sirau, May 28 2011


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