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Nuclear powered pykrete private island iceberg

Floating city built on giant iceberg islands
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Well documented is the attempt at creating a giant floating ice maker to create a pycrete aircraft carrier in ww2.

Problem is that it's energy intensive.

I propose a propose a nuclear powered giant (solid state magneto) refirgerator that is created to make ice of a durable type (pycrete que).

Also this island can be repurposed as worlds biggest penguin refuge, with turrets that automatically shoot seals and walruses to ensure penguins are safe. I like penguins.

Floating island is generally kept parked in coldest possible waters sufficiently far from pack ice for it to make sense.

As waves continuously break apart floating ice city, more ice is made, and all sky facing surfaces of the ice city are painted with high albedo paint, or simply covered with sufficient amounts of reflective ice.

Internal city heat is provided by waste heat of nuclear reactor and is well insulated to prevent ice melt below and above.

I'm thinking this makes sense in the waters between south Africa and Terra del fuego

bonus points for a technology that harvests ambient algea and seaweed as a fibrous resource for creating the pykrete as opposed to having to ship it in from land.

teslaberry, Aug 06 2016


       I am bunning this initially for the use of capitalization, based on the work of Skinner.   

       I will now read the idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 06 2016

       OK, having read the idea, the bun stands.   

       Howevertheless, I have a suggestion. Given that you have large amounts of power available, why not locate this island somewhere tropical? What could be more glorious than floating in the Carribean on an iceberg? You could build permanent ice- caves where you could go to cool off, and you would never run out of ice for G&Ts. You could even have a tobogganing slope, launching you out to splash down in the tropical waters.   

       Another potential problem would be the gradual loss of the reinforcing fibres (typically woodpulp) as the edges melted and refroze. This problem could be solved by signing up for the mailing lists of all known retailers, ensuring a constant delivery of pulpable paper.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 06 2016

       Also sp.: pykrete.   

       Also name-drop: Max Perutz, who did some of the earliest work on pykrete, was once my boss.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 06 2016

       If you've got nuclear power you can set up refrigeration and not have to worry about the ambient temperature.
Voice, Aug 06 2016

       You had me at "nuclear powered pykrete" [+]
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 09 2016


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