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Mighty Mite Man

NOBODY cares about the little housemites.... NO-ONE!
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HELP! Another housemite is trapped between the wall and the dyson! AAAGH! Quick, someone call MIGHTY MITE MAN! (cue superhero music) "Never fear, poor mite, because Mighty Mite Man is here." he booms. And then, a ferocious battle begins, between the world's famous mite-saving man, and... The Dyson.

(skip a while)

Then, once he's won, everyone's happy, the end.

I do love fairy stories, don't you?

bud, May 05 2001

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       bud, I'm afraid you're right. No one cares about the dust mites.
Dog Ed, May 07 2001

       i know.... the fateful truth.
bud, May 07 2001


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