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Military Crocs

Fast dressing durable crocs for trekking and combat
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Fireproof durable heavy-duty protective crocs, with a folding protective back that easily snaps in place by pushing with foot.

Uses alternative materials for sole and body to achieve the same features as relgular crocs.

pashute, Feb 17 2016


       The main feature of Crocs is they have holes everywhere. How do you intend to keep out the fire?
Voice, Feb 17 2016

       What, no trained crocodiles?
Vernon, Feb 17 2016

       Have you ever tried to ruck any distance with a decent sized pack and inadequate footwear?   

       I think this is a great idea, but it should involve giving these to the enemy.
Custardguts, Feb 17 2016

       ^ heh, alligations even.   

       Another bad science idea. I learn with time. Please have patience and don't shed any tears. Back to the planning table...   

       Results: They'll be made of leather like material, and closed on the top and front. The two main feature that stay are the easy and fast putting on and taking off, and the thick shock absorbing heel - so the wide and tall shape and open back (which in this case gets covered and closes externally) stay.
pashute, Feb 19 2016

       Yeah, and it's got no soul.
normzone, Feb 19 2016

       I thought I read that the Nigerian army wears flipflops into battle. I am pretty sure those British commandos in the boxer shorts had on flipflops too. So I think this idea might work.
bungston, Feb 19 2016

       Ancient Roman soldiers wore flip-flop-like footwear.
notexactly, Feb 20 2016

       Hence the empire was limited to balmy Mediterranean regions. No surprise they didn't penetrate too far into Scotland with draughty sandals.
bs0u0155, Feb 20 2016

       Not exactly, [notexactly].   

       If the caliga had tended either to flip or to flop, it would hardly have been as effective as it was in treading down the down-trodden, nor in inculcating things into them.   

       Yes, it was a sandal, but only in same way that an HMMWV is a car.
pertinax, Feb 21 2016

       Crocs should make military uniforms.   

       Just think -- a croc body stocking. lots of holes to attach stuff.
sninctown, Feb 25 2016

       //lots of holes to attach stuff.//   

       I think the MOLLE/PALS systems provide plenty of attachment points without encasing the poor soldier in a rubber/plastic body sheath.   

       Just think of the chafing...
Custardguts, Feb 25 2016

       // Another bad science idea //   

whatrock, Feb 26 2016


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