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High-heel Fashion Mukluks

Arctic business footwear
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My wife has been travelling to Alaska for business, and has had trouble coming up with outfits that are both fashionable and warm. This is just one of many ideas to keep the business woman warm in such environments.

These stylish boots have a shiny black leather exterior, but are furry and warm on the inside. In addition to a sharp high heel to dig into ice, the underside of the toe section is insulated with a high-traction rubber.

Worldgineer, Dec 01 2005

She might like these http://www.zappos.c...dp/7053465/c/3.html
[xandram, Dec 01 2005]

or these http://www.zappos.c...dp/5924524/c/3.html
[xandram, Dec 01 2005]


       Like the idea of an ice-pick heel. Nice. +
moomintroll, Dec 01 2005

       What is your wife doing, selling refrigerators to eskimos?
DrCurry, Dec 01 2005

       I'm sure modern business-world eskimos own refrigerators.
Worldgineer, Dec 01 2005


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