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Milk Bottle alarm

Stop the theives with this simple device
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I don't know about you but i have a problem with my milk being pinched from the doorstep. So why not stop them with a milk bottle holder that make a very loud noise when the milk is removed.
Turkish, May 04 2002

(?) you will never know the trouble I had bringing you this link http://www.wildlond.../garden/wgintro.htm
I just hope you appreciate it..... [po, May 04 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       po- I don't think the birds take the whole bottle!
ferret, May 04 2002

       it took a lot of bottle to find that site, I can tell you.
po, May 04 2002

       I could have helped with my Coke-bottle glasses.
phoenix, May 04 2002

       yes, think phoenix, not google.
po, May 04 2002

       Oh, I google. When my wife lets me.
phoenix, May 04 2002

       There are places where you still get milk delivered to your doorstep ? Last time there was milk on my doorstep was when my brother dropped a whole gallon while helping to bring in the groceries.
half, May 06 2002

       There are places where milk still comes in bottles?!
waugsqueke, May 06 2002

       Sure - lots of 'em. Only milk I purchase is in glass and is supplied by Broguiere's Fresh Dairy to a number of Grocers. They are not only the last of the local (L.A.) to bottle their milk (over 100 dairies in and around L.A. did in the 50's), but also the last to do home deliveries.
thumbwax, May 07 2002

       We get milk delivered to our back door in the wee hours of the morning.
neelandan, May 08 2002

       They'd steal the milk bottle holder ;)   

       If your milk bottles are like ours (with foil tops) you could try the following: make a hole in the bottle; drain the milk; use a wire to connect the foil to mains electricity.
synaesthesia, May 08 2002


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