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Hoodie Drawstring Straw

A very long, flexible straw installed where the drawstring of a hoodie normally goes
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This would replace the drawstring on a hoodie and provide additional straw-like functionality. It's a straw that's always there when you need it.

It could be a great party trick to casually lean forward, drop one end in a glass, and use the other end to drink up the contents.

The straw should be long enough that one end could be stretched over to a unwitting nearby person's drink while using the other end to slurp it up. It should also be flexible enough to still perform basic drawstring functionality should that be required.

pukesick, Nov 21 2022

Humphrey https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lJsju00-rgM
[pertinax, Nov 21 2022]


       Approved, but needs to be called a Strawstring. Can it suck up crumbs?
xenzag, Nov 21 2022

       Just checked your home page, [pukesick]; that is an impressively long lurk.
pertinax, Nov 21 2022

       To be fair, the end of pukesick's hoodie drawstring was lost for 20 years and the idea only emerged when it was finally fished out in triumph.
xenzag, Nov 21 2022

       From the title I thought it was gonna be some trick for getting an overdrawn string back into a hoodie. On reading I find an idea almost worthy of xenzag [+]
a1, Nov 21 2022

       Would also be useful for siphoning gasoline or changing fish tanks.
mylodon, Nov 21 2022

       How does one wash such a thing?
21 Quest, Nov 22 2022

       100% endorse "Strawstring". That's what happens to naming after the initial success fades and there is a need to broaden the market to other uses. Such as replacing shoes laces (the straw extending up the pant leg and out the waist for easier reach).   

       Wash? No, definitely no straw washing. It gets seasoned like a well used cast iron.
pukesick, Nov 22 2022

       //How does one wash such a thing?//   

       Suck soapy water through it until you've had enough.
AusCan531, Nov 22 2022

       + cute
xandram, Nov 23 2022


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