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He's One Mime Against Crime! The Whitefaced Vigilante! The Silent Sentinel! He's - MimeMan!
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MimeMan's "illusions" have real effects - if he lassos you with an invisible rope, by golly, you're lassoed. His limitation is that he's doesn't make anything really *real* - he can't mime getting into an invisible car and start traveling 60 miles an hour, for example, or climb an invisible ladder to the 14th floor. His actual power is more like mind control - he makes you *think* the "handcuffs" he just put on you are real, so you act accordingly. He also has great body control, agility, and speed, and the ability to disguise his appearance to look like different characters.
smendler, Feb 24 2009

Stephen Lynch's superhero song http://www.youtube....watch?v=nKhl6--cmIQ
[placid_turmoil, Feb 24 2009]

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       ruminant thought - do courts provide mime-translators ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2009

       Exactly how does one "mime" reading perps their rights? I smell a dismissal!
Canuck, Feb 24 2009

       >>reading perps their rights   

       by holding up a placard, of course
smendler, Feb 25 2009

       So...it's a mass hypnosis mime?
Silent but dreadly.


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