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Get rid of those nasty mimes!
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Do you have too many mimes in your neighbourhood?
Can't get to work without being hassled by a man walking backwards? Keep stopping to help men stuck in invisible boxes only discover they're after your money? Do you have a flocking mime problem?
Solve it now with Mimesweeper - scan for mimes. You set the tolerance. over a certain level within your area and the centrally controlled mimesweeper van will go into action and herd the offending mimes into the back to be taken off to mime rehabilitation classes.
Also highlights mime artists who are attempting to blend into the general public to avoid attention.

Get rid of your problems now - get Mimesweeper today!

goff, Sep 22 2003

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Started as an anno over here... [goff, Oct 05 2004]


       Hey welcome aboard the bandwagon, make yourself comfortable and remember "the only good mime is a dead mime." Unless ofcourse it is killing other mimes for our entertainment.
Gulherme, Sep 22 2003


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