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Like Robot Wars, but with mimes
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There is a caged arena.

Inside the arena are mimes equipped with radio-controlled prosthetic weapons, like Goonies-style mechanical boxing glove arms. Or rubber chicken guns.

Each mime has another mime on the outside of the arena controlling the prosthetics attached to the inner-mime.

The inner-mimes are free to move about as they see fit, but only the outer-mimes can activate the weapons.

Many mimes enter. One mime leaves.

DeathNinja, Aug 01 2003

Bumfights http://www.bumfights.com/indecline/
I did not delve into this past the title page. Disturbing stuff. [bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Arse Fighting http://sarahlewis.co.uk/arsefight.shtml
For [nichpo] and [trashcanglam] [-alx, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       I'd prefer the last line read: Many mimes enter. No mimes leave.
thumbwax, Aug 01 2003

       This should be more like that Bum Fights obscenity. Using drugs and cash, streetmimes are goaded into pitched battles with one another. If either one makes a noise he or she automatically forfeits the pay.
bungston, Aug 01 2003

       Ah, good one [bung].
snarfyguy, Aug 01 2003

       Would you really need a cage?
RayfordSteele, Aug 01 2003

       What if the mimes go berserk and break free from the cage? Think of the bloodbath! Maybe they should have shock collars just in case.
JesseOQ, Aug 02 2003

       Marceaux arts?
wombat, Aug 02 2003

angel, Aug 02 2003

       Cirque du Slay!
Amos Kito, Aug 02 2003

       Wouldn't they only pretend to fight?
phoenix, Aug 02 2003

       What if two imaginary winds from opposite directions kept blowing them away from each other?   

       There is also the possibility of one climbing an imaginary rope to safety.   

       Besides, you would never know when one was really hit. Don't they paint tears on their faces, and fall down for some unknown effect alot? Maybe this is just mime wartime strategy.
moPuddin, Aug 02 2003

       If a mime falls in the arena and there is no one around to not hear it, do they still not make a sound?   

       I like the pretend fight thing from [phoe-phoe]. What a great skit that would be. A midget mime standby could hold up "SOCK!" and "WHAMMO!" signs like in the old Batman.
bungston, Aug 04 2003

phoenix, Aug 04 2003

       (I think it's pronounced, "fifi".)   

       Mime Wars are an excellent idea. Especially since mime is an age old art that has very kindly gone out of fashion. In this case, I think it should be mimes vs. clowns. The winner of that heat would then compete against chihuahuas. The winner of that heat fights pigeons. And so on. A truly epic contest.
k_sra, Aug 05 2003

       *picturing mythical bird with a french poodle cut...*
RayfordSteele, Aug 05 2003

       Did they have a hard time learning sign language?   

       <british english>Blast, I thought that Bum fights link was going to be something a lot more interesting. </british english>
nichpo, Aug 06 2003

       [nichpo] I would definitely have to agree there. Thought it best not to check at work though...
rodti, Aug 06 2003

       You might be happier with the link I just posted...
-alx, Aug 06 2003

       thanks for the link [alx]. I don't feel half as lonely or wierd now.
nichpo, Aug 07 2003

       k_sra, clowns can beat mimes any day - it'd be no contest.   

       And pigeons.
beauxeault, Aug 07 2003

       Oh yeah? What about chihuahuas?   

       <pantomimes running away from [beauxeault] while he considers this.>
k_sra, Aug 07 2003

       I would very much like to see stage magicians thrown into this (I mean the uninventive types that keep doing the same old tricks just with slight variations).
Brummo, Aug 11 2003

       I would very much like to see Paul Daniels thrown anywhere.....other than in my direction.
squeak, Aug 11 2003


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