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Mine Shaft Bungee Jumping

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... only for the very, very foolhardy. Heavily padded clothing recommended as participants are liable to bounce up and down the walls of the closely confined vertical shafts before coming to rest.
xenzag, Jul 24 2015


       This could work. The trick would be to start out directly over the centre of the shaft, and fall vertically downwards.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 24 2015

       It could well be baked, but my (lazy) initial search using these terms revealed no regular, recognised, controlled and organised Mine Shaft Bungee jumping.
xenzag, Jul 24 2015

       //and fall vertically downwards.// You would still not bounce straight back up along the same descent trajectory - mine shaft wall impacts are inevitable, and therefore must be an essential part of the experience.
xenzag, Jul 24 2015


       Evitable. If you start exactly under the suspension point with zero horizontal velocity, and if you keep the right position aerodynamically, there will be no lateral forces.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 24 2015

       The bungee cord is going to push you one direction or another as it unfurls.
RayfordSteele, Jul 24 2015

       How does an elastic rope push ? We ask merely for information ..   

       As to the idea, foolish in the extreme, dangerously irresponsible, and with a near-certain probability of serious or fatal injury.   

       Hence [+].
8th of 7, Jul 24 2015

       Dangerous - yes, but with sufficient padding.... it could be ok. An LED illuminated shaft would add to the exhilaration of the descent/
xenzag, Jul 24 2015

       Could the mine walls be lined with tactile stimulating materials? latex, luffa or a large dielectric.
wjt, Jul 25 2015

       Maybe this should be done in a barrel, Niagara falls style. There is not much to see in a mine shaft anyway. The barrel would offer some protection against whacking into things. I envision the sort of barrel one is entirely inside, not the sort worn with suspenders in lieu of pants and shirt.
bungston, Jul 25 2015

       //there will be no lateral forces//   

       Actually conservation of angular momentum will cause you to start orbiting the Earth more quickly than it rotates, eventually forcing you into the wall.   

       I'm not sure how far you'd have to fall before this became significant, though.
Wrongfellow, Jul 28 2015


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