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Mini British Double

.22 cal "British Double" rifle
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The British double rifles are exquisite weapons of both stunning esthetic appeal and superb craftsmanship. Unfortunately, most people don't have the required funds ($20,000 - $200,000 ) to own one of these beauties.

That is why I propose production of miniature Holland & Holland double rifles chambered in .22 Long Rifle.

By scaling down the .577 Nitro Express to a proportional .22 double rifle, much less of the exotic materials used in manufacturing would be required, hopefully resulting in a price tag that blue collar aficionados such as myself, could stomach.

MikeD, Nov 23 2008

Holland & Holland http://www.hollandandholland.com/
For those unfamiliar with these sort of fire-arms. [MikeD, Nov 23 2008]

Miniature guns http://home.comcast...olo/4s_bobguns.html
And there was me thinking Kolibri made cigarette lighters. [coprocephalous, Nov 24 2008]


       //much less of the exotic materials used//   

       Hmm, I thought the price went to the craftsmanship, as well as the brand. I mean there's no way that the materials in the gun account for more than 10% of the $20k price tag.   

       Anyhoo, why'd you want a double? They're only good for two things - looking pretty, and allowing quick backup shots on dangerous game - mosltly because they're incredibly heavy, and tame the enormous recoil of nitro cartridges.   

       Focus: why would you think that H&H et al could make something with //stunning esthetic appeal and superb craftsmanship// for a budget significantly less, just by scaling down a small fraction? I mean the gun will be a similar size, what with the length of pull, etc being based on ergonomics - all that'll be smaller would be the barrel and breech.
Custardguts, Nov 23 2008

       //all that'll be smaller would be the barrel and breech//   

       No, everything must be scaled down! Only dwarves and toddlers would be capable of shooting this comfortably.
MikeD, Nov 23 2008

       Gee, I was hoping this would be about a double-decker version of the popular small car...
csea, Nov 24 2008

       Aha! well then things like engraving, gilding <sp?> and checquering will be incredibly difficult, if not impossible.   

       At least I understand your motive now.   

       Why not go really cheap, and get one made in 2 mm Kolibri? The cartridge is 11mm long, so your double rifle would likely be something like 150mm long, give or take. For engraving, etching, checquering, and gilding, use the same machines they use to make IC's and CPU's.
Custardguts, Nov 24 2008

       It would be a bit of a wag if they made a super-finely crafted lupara or sawn-off version, just for fun.
zen_tom, Nov 24 2008

       I think the "650 man hours to well over 1250 man hours" involved making the gun has a far greater influence on the price tag than the BOM. [-]
coprocephalous, Nov 24 2008

       Gunmakers such as Holland and Holland and Purdey make smaller calibre weapons too, not just the traditional 12- and 20-bores, but .410's and the like.   

       Sadly, it is indeed the man-hours involved in manufacture that determine the cost, rather than the physical size of the weapon.
8th of 7, Nov 24 2008


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