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Piezoelectric Gun Bat

Take a swing at the bad guys with it.
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This is a club with several tubes on the end, pointing outwards from the center, that kind of looks like a spiked baseball bat. Each tube has a piezoelectric firing mechanism (like a grill lighter) in the bottom of it, and some caseless ammo in each tube.

When you hit something with one of the tubes, the tube pushes into the piezoelectric firing mechanism, igniting the powder, and boom! the bullet fires from point blank range into the thing you hit.

Reloading would be tedious at best, but that's why there's multiple tubes, so you wouldn't have to for several swings.

This would be a last-resort type weapon, for up close fighting.

<Edit - changed to "club" to "bat" for ... more... clarity>

CaptainClapper, Jun 15 2007


       Oh. I was expecting a bunch of middle-aged guys meeting once per month in a pub, showing each other their weird piezoelectric gun contraptions.
jutta, Jun 15 2007

       that was my first idea, but I scratched it for this one.
CaptainClapper, Jun 15 2007

       why do guys show each other their things?   

       <sticks finger down mouth>   

       you have no idea how this idea resembles the latest girlguides banner construction.
po, Jun 15 2007

       A wonderul idea! Not only does the club do damage, but the projectiles as well.   

       Bun for you!
wolstech, Jun 15 2007

       Yes, I was expecting a social group of guys with something like black powder muzzle loaders that used piezoelectric instead of hammer-flint-and pan.
normzone, Jun 15 2007

       Watch that recoil.   

       Clancy had his protagonist have a device like this in "Without Remorse" (Triggering was mechanical) - The book disgusted me no end, so here's a fishbone to Clancy, by proxy of you.
loonquawl, Jan 30 2009


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