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Mini Fan Flag Pole

A PatriOddity
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A miniature flag of, for instance, the country to which you least object, is displayed on a miniature flag pole. For instance, it might be an executive desk item. Even the fabric of the flag is scaled down to wave in a miniature wind. The flag is strung with miniature rope. The attractive pole is topped with an attractive pole-topping decoration. The square varnished wooden base has small black button upon it, which, when pressed, activates a hidden battery-operated fan in the base. The air blows up through the hollow pole and out slots or perforation at the top of the pole. The design, when activated causes the flag to to wave proudly on high.
Mustardface, Jan 26 2005

Waving Flag http://www.mth-rail...ch.asp?item=30-9103
For model train layouts. [Coal Drag, Jan 26 2005]


       Baked -- My father-in-law has one. It is a model train accessory. There's a motor inside that you hook up to your model train transformer. The flag furls, unfurls, and flaps in the "breeze". Please see the link.
Coal Drag, Jan 26 2005

       Thanks for your link. My father-in-law has a train set and is patriotic (not a giant coincidence). Great gift idea for him.   

       I still enjoy the differences in my version: 1) fabric scaled down to flap in a 2) actual miniature wind via fan and hollow pole, 3) miniature rope. 4) executive desk item quality. The actual wind drive might save it from being baked. The link is mechanically and unnaturally flapped.   

       The link has the advantage of being $30 plus shipping away from possession.
Mustardface, Jan 26 2005


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