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Segway Flagpole

Stands up and makes waves
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This flagpole, a source of wonder and national pride, is affixed at the base with a ball-and-socket type joint. The flag is made of a durable material that can flex like a long diver's flipper. The flag is attached to the pole with a Segway-type mechanism that opposes the forces of gravity and wind by waving the flag. As the pole leans slightly in a gust, the flag flaps frantically to right it again. To lower the flag, the pole gives into gravity a bit to slowly lower itself.
FarmerJohn, Apr 17 2002


       "Do not operate near overhead power lines"
phoenix, Apr 17 2002

       Just pop one of these flags on the top of very tall buildings and you don't have to bother pouring foundations.   

       Also get very drunk before St. Patrick's parade and with Segway Flag, never fall down.
spartanica, Apr 17 2002

       A pole that bends over to let you take down and put up a flag. Thats a cool idea! But when It comes time to fly at half mast it might look more like a limp....
edzspace, Dec 04 2002

       I'm not sure if what you're talking about is a traveling flagpole, or something stationary ... I could imagine something like this on a skyscraper in a coral of its own chasing its self arround the roof all canine like ... I'd laugh
Letsbuildafort, Aug 28 2003


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